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Gary A. Farrell is an exceptional criminal defense lawyer known for fighting relentlessly for his clients.

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Gary A. Farrell Has Won Acquittals in a Wide Range of Cases

If you have been accused of a crime or believe that you may be the target of a criminal investigation, you know that your future is on the line. You know it is vital that you get experienced legal representation immediately.
Gary A. Farrell

Gary A. Farrell is a Martindale – Hubbell AV Rated Attorney.

He has the highest rating on 10 out of 10!

Gary A. Farrell Beats Cases

Take A Look At These Amazing Stories From Clients I’ve Represented And I Helped Beat Their Cases.
Click the images below for a look at real cases I’ve won for my clients so you can have a better picture of what I can do for you.

DWI Defense

Gary A. Farrell is an experienced New York DWI Defense Attorney. Your decision whether or not to fight DWI charges can have an enormous impact on your future.

Homicide Defense

Homicide Defense

In criminal law, the stakes are never higher then when the police are investigating a case involving the wrongful or suspicious death of another person or persons.

Drug Charges

Gary A. Farrell is an exceptional drug defense lawyer known for fighting relentlessly for his clients. He has achieved many remarkable successes on their behalf.


Criminal Defense

Gary A. Farrell trial practice is about helping people during tough times in their lives, whether they have been charged with misdemeanors, felonies, federal crimes, or white collar crimes.

White Collar

White Collar

Whether you are being accused of, or think you may be the subject of an investigation involving fraud, money laundering, embezzlement, cybercrime, identity theft, forgery, or insider trading, Gary A. Farrell can help protect your future.

Sexual Harassment Charges

If you are being accused of sexual harassment or sexual assault, Gary A. Farrell is devoted to providing efficient and effective legal representation in the area of criminal defense law, and appeals throughout New York City, and can help you get your case dismissed.

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